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Seaview Faralya Turkey - Best Hotels, Hotel Facilities, Services

Faralya Turkey Faralya is a located in Fethiye district, Turkey. Faralya is a small Lycian town in Fethiye at the South-West coast of Turkey. Officially it’s not a town, because it’s too small to be qualified as a town. There are 7 other places in Uzunyurt, along a 12 km long coastline. The 7 other hamlets are - Kozaga, Kirme,  Ölüdeniz, Faralya/Hisar, Kizilcakaya, and Kabak Seaview Faralya Turkey (Photo Credits: Pardue hotel ) The beautiful Butterfly valley is located at the Babadag mountains. This valley takes it name from the large number of butterfly species around here. If you visit Butterfly valley between June and September you can see so many Butterfly here. Seaview Faralya Turkey Seaview Faralya is situated in Faralya, Turkey. Adorned with a sea that showcases different tones of the color blue which gives it a charming effect. This is one of the most beautiful place in Turkey. In order to reach the faralya, one has to come via the Dead Sea and the Valley of Butterflies. The vi