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Padma Cinema Hall Show Time, Ticket Price, Contact Number

Padma Cinema Hall Padma Cinema Hall is a popular cinema hall in Sodpur. The hall is located at the junction of Sodpur and Barasat towns. Padma Cinema Hall is famous for its box seat. Padma Cinema Hall - Overview Address Bus Stop, Barasat Rd, Sodepur, Kolkata, 700110 Contact Number +91 94336 75449 Ticket Price 50-150 Rupees per seat Cinema Show Time 4 Cinema Show In A Day Picture Quality 2D Picture Quality Rating - Reviews 3.2 Out Of 5 Other Cinema Halls Amala Cinema Hall , Jayanti Cinema Hall Padma Cinema Hall Show Time Padma Cinema Hall Show Time 1st Cinema Show Time 11:45 AM 2nd Cinema Show Time 02:15 PM 3rd Cinema Show Time 04:45 PM 4th Cinema Show Time 07:15 PM Padma Cinema Hall Ticket Price Normally the ticket price is around 50-150 Rs/Seat. Ticket price is changi