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Dada Boudi Biryani Restaurant Sodepur - Menu Price, Phone Number

Dada Boudi Biryani Restaurant

Dada Boudi Biryani is the notable dish of Dada Boudi Restaurant in Sodpur. Dada Boudi Biryani is usually priced between 140 and 540.

Dada Baudi Restaurant is the only address for Biryani that is incomparable in taste and easily available.


Dada Boudi Restaurant - Overview
Address Thakur Corner, BT Road, Sodepur, Kolkata 700115
Contact Number +91 9748528886 / +91 8697639791
Opening Time Mon-Sun: 11:00AM 12:00PM
Popular Food Item Biryani
Dada Boudi Biriyani Price 140-540 Rupees
Ratings 4.2 Out Of 5
Nearby Restaurant Sibani Restaurant

Dada Boudi Biryani

Dada Boudi Biryani Price
Items Price
Mutton Biryani 310 Rupees
Chicken Biryani 220 Rupees
Special Chicken Biryani 365 Rupees
Special Chicken Biryani 540 Rupees
Extra Mutton 225 Rupees
Extra Chicken 140 Rupees
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Dada Boudi Restaurant Location Map

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